One of the key reasons our incinerators are recognized as being ‘probably the best ’ on the world market, is the use of our market leading and trusted low thermal mass monolithic concrete lining which is used in all of our models. ​​​ All models in the Cyclone Range are supplied with a secondary chamber, ensuring they fully conform to many legislative bodies around the world.​​

Model shown is of the AIS 1870 Cyclone with manually operated Open/Close Lid – automated version available


AIS 1870 Cyclone Information:

  • This model is available as a Static, Mobile or Transportable Incinerator. 
  • Suited for a wide range of animal carcasses and animal-by-products generated across the agricultural sector including; Pigs & Sows, Poultry, Dairy / Beef Cattle, Abattoirs, Slaughterhouses, Rendering Operations, Meat Processors, Sheep.  
  • Easy to load via a slide Open/Close lid located on the top of the incinerator, giving full access to a large main burning chamber. Manual operation as standard or upgrade to the automated Lid. 
  • Fully programmable touch screen HMI control panel with automatic burner shut off function and fast ignition burners. Four burners are in the main chamber, with one above the grate bars and three below. One additional burner is in the secondary chamber. 
  • Unique market leading grate bar technology for fast and complete incineration.   
  • With a *High burn rate of up to 520kg/1147 Ibs per hour and a loading capacity of 1900kg / 4190 lbs, this allows for the Bio-secure, regular disposal of large quantities of waste in the shortest time possible.  
  • Can be loaded whilst in operation maximizing the inherent thermal efficiency of our monolithic concrete lining, keeping running costs low.  
  • Ash doors, as standard, allows the user to safely remove ash whilst the machine is in operation, so you can keep on loading and burning your waste, saving time.  
  • Optional Extra features include; Automated Open / Close Lid /Stack Extension / Ash Rake / Heat Exchanger / Control Panel screen size increase / Service Kits.

Image shown is of the Main Chamber, machine running

AIS Product Details:

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