AIS Warranty Information


The whole plant and associated equipment supplied as part of the overall installation will be covered by a *36-month or 2100 hours warranty (whichever soonest) from the date of dispatch from the manufacturing premises of Agril Incineration Systems Limited, except for any consumable item as listed below and provided that:

A) Each defect has materialized under normal operating conditions and not due to misuse, abuse or operational errors. 

B) An effective maintenance regime is operated which may include a Service Contract being taken up at the time of handover. This Service Contract should be provided by Agril Incineration Systems Limited or trained and authorized agents. 

C) The contract price, as detailed within the quotation or as amended by agreement of both parties, has been paid in full. 


Consumable Parts (Items not covered under Warranty):

  1. Primary Chamber Thermocouples
  2. Secondary Chamber Thermocouples
  3. Access Door Seals
  4. Control Panel indicator bulbs or LEDs
  5. Burner electrodes and leads
  6. Burner probes and leads
  7. Burner Blast Tubes
  8. Burner Diffuser Assemblies
  9. Burner nozzles / ionization probes
  10. Grate Bars

Any more information about our warranties, please email:

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